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Mathematics Growth

Portrayals of mathematics growth for students with disabilities (SWD) can vary depending on how special education membership is defined. This graph depicts mean achievement at each grade when three different ways of defining special education membership are used.

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Mathematics Achievement Growth for Exceptional Children

Students in all subgroups showed decelerating growth over grades, and variability in at the initial Grade 3 assessment and growth rates.

Opportunity to Learn (OTL)

Operationalizing and assessing OTL via measures that can account for teachers' instructional provisions to the overall class and individual students have been a major obstacles to systematic inquiries into OTL.

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Reading Trajectories for Middle School Students with Disabilities

Using two- and three-level longitudinal growth models, we estimated the average growth trajectory and deviations from that growth trajectory by disability category.

Portrayals of the Special Education Achievement Gap

Cross sectional and longitudinal portrayals of the special education mathematics achievement gap

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National Center on Assessment and Accountability for Special Education

The purpose of the NCAASE (The Center) is to develop and test various approaches for measuring the achievement growth of students with and without disabilities.

The Center’s focused program of research on reading and mathematics achievement growth is based on existing sets of longitudinal achievement data for students with and without disabilities from North Carolina, Arizona, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.

To help examine the accountability purposes for which states are using their assessment data, NCAASE partners with measurement and statistics experts, assessment and special education leaders in academia and in state departments of education, lead psychometricians, and a National Advisory Panel.


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  • National Research and Development Center on Assessment and Accountability for Special Education
    NCAASE Principal Investigators

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  • Cross Sectional and Longitudinal Portrayals of the Special Education Mathematics Achievement Gap
    Schulte, A. C. and Stevens, J. J.

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