University of Oregon
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Technical Reports

Here we present technical reports of the process or results of our research. We will develop technical reports to better help colleagues understand and replicate findings.
  • A Comparison of Alternative Models for Estimating School Performance in Mathematics and Reading/Language Arts in a State Accountability System, Part A: School Performance Estimates
    Joseph J. Stevens, Joseph F. T. Nese, Ann C. Schulte, Gerald Tindal, Nedim Yel, Daniel Anderson, Tyler Matta, Stephen Elliott
  • Academic Growth of Exceptional Children in Reading and Mathematics: Findings from the National Center on Assessment and Accountability for Special Education
    Ann C. Schulte & Joseph J. Stevens
  • Analysis of Growth on State Tests for Students With Significant Cognitive Disabilities
    Dan Farley, Jessica L. Saven, Gerald Tindal, Joseph F. T. Nese
  • Opportunity-to-Learn: The Key Access and Validity Issue for All Academic Assessments
    Stephen N. Elliott
  • Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM): An Introduction to Key Concepts Within Cross-Sectional and Growth Modeling Frameworks
    Daniel Anderson
  • National Research and Development Center on Assessment and Accountability for Special Education
    NCAASE Principal Investigators