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Gerald Tindal
Professor, University of Oregon
Dr. Tindal joined the University of Oregon in 1984 in Special Education and is currently a Castle-McIntosh-Knight Professor in the College of Education. He is the Department Head of Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership as well as the Director of Behavioral Research and Teaching (BRT), a research center housing federal and state grants and contracts ( His research focuses on the integration of students with disabilities in general education classrooms using curriculum-based measurement to develop optimal instructional programs. For the past decade, Dr. Tindal also has conducted research on student participation in large scale testing and development of alternate assessments. This work includes investigations of test accommodations, teacher decision-making using curriculum-based measurement and extended assessments of basic skills. Much of this work on assessment has focused on development of measures for teachers to use in the classroom for monitoring progress with computer-based tests (CBT) and making appropriate decisions on participation of large-scale tests. His CBT has over 90,0000 registered teachers working with almost 1 million students. He publishes and reviews articles in many special education journals and has written several book chapters and books on curriculum-based measurement and large-scale testing. His teaching includes both curriculum-based measurement of basic skills and concept-based instruction and problem solving in secondary content classrooms.

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