University of Oregon

Faculty & Staff

The Center Director is Gerald Tindal of the University of Oregon. He is joined by his three co- principal investigators: Ann Schulte, Stephen Elliott, and Joseph Stevens.

The Center’s personnel is organized into four functional teams: (a) Center Leadership Team, (b) Data Management Team, (c) Data Analysis & Reporting Team, and (d) Instructional Practices Team. The Leadership Team is comprised of the Director, the Co-PIs, and the leaders of three task-specific teams. The Center’s Leadership Team will benefit from the intellectual guidance and sage wisdom of a National Advisory Panel comprised of leading measurement scientists, special populations researchers, and an accountability and policy analyst.

Co-Principal Investigators
Data Coordinator
Affiliated Researchers
State Department of Education Partners
  • Charles Bruen Arizona Director of Data Analysis, Budget and Technology for the Assessment Section
  • Louis M. Fabrizio North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, Director of Accountability Policy & Communications
  • Doug Kosty Oregon Department of Education, Assistant Superintendent of the Office of Assessment and Information Services
  • Kristen Lewald Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment System (PVAAS), Project Director Assessment and Information Technology
  • Linda Lupp Pennsylvania Department of Education, Special Education Advisor
National Advisory Panel
  • Ed Kame'enui (Special Population Researcher) - Professor, University of Oregon
  • Jamal Abedi (Special Population Researcher) - University of California-Davis
  • Randy Bennett Educational Testing Service
  • Greg Cizek Professor of Educational Measurement and Evaluation, University of North Carolina
  • H. Gary Cook (Special Population Researcher) - Professor, University of Wisconsin
  • William Erpenbach Accountability and Policy Analyst
  • Robert Linn Professor Emeritus of Education, University of Colorado
  • Barbara Plake Professor Emeritus, University of Nebraska
  • Sharon Vaughn (Special Population Researcher) - University of Texas
  • Jim Ysseldyke (Special Population Researcher) - Professor, University of Minnesota
  • Derek Briggs Associate Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Andrew Roach Associate Professor, Georgia State University
  • Yeow Meng Thum Senior Research Fellow, Northwest Evaluation Association
  • Naomi Zigmond (Special Population Researcher) - Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Technology Team